Here are the details of the 'Wellbeing Wednesday' programmes and podcasts that will be broadcast throughout the day, starting from midday.  These programmes are being broadcast on Wednesday 18th May.

Don't forget that we will also be letting you know all about the health and wellbeing classes and courses running in and around Gainsborough.  If you are running a health or wellbeing programme and you want it featured on Trentside Radio, then get in touch!

Kate and Bill:  Both Sides of the Medication Cart – Episode 19 - Very lonely, but still fun

Kate is still in hospital and is now starting to feel very vulnerable and alone. No friends visit, no family visits.  Kate only sees the friends she has made on the ward.  Still carrying some feelings of grandeur, Kate is determined to have fun regardless of her illness.  Alone, scared and confused, she just carries on being Crazy Katie.

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MHST: How to show yourself so self-love....


Promoting positive mental health for children and young people...  Do you need to show yourself some self-love? Join us to hear how we keep on top of managing our own wellbeing and see if you can take any tips to try at home.

You can find out more about Mental Health Support Team programmes at:


We speak to Paul Norris and Laura Bell at ‘One You Lincolnshire’ about the programme designed to help you stop smoking.  And the great news is that the programme is completely FREE!  Find out more at