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Here are the details of the 'Wellbeing Wednesday' programmes and podcasts that will be broadcast throughout the day, starting from midday.  

Don't forget that we will also be letting you know all about the health and wellbeing classes and courses running in and around Gainsborough.  If you are running a health or wellbeing programme and you want it featured on Trentside Radio, then get in touch!

Kate and Bill:  Both Sides of the Medication Cart

This Podcast came about because Kate has an extensive history of mental health problems, including bipolar, anxiety, psychosis and sometimes severe depression.  Kate has suffered with these symptoms for the last 30 years. Bill is her husband and sometimes carer. Together they fill a much-needed gap in their field. Someone to speak not only for the sufferer of mental health issues but also we need to hear the voice of the carer.  This is where our stories come from. The voice of lived experience, from "Both Sides Of The Medication Cart". Please sit back, take off your shoes, grab a cup of tea and join Kate and Bill as we share our open, often witty, wry and frank stories "From Both Sides Of The Medication Cart". 

More information available at

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