You can listen to Trentside Radio on your phone, tablet, computer, Alexa, and even in the car!  Save our music player as a shortcut on your phone, or find us on Alexa!


- Open the 'Alexa' app on your phone and tap the 'MENU' icon

- Select 'SKILLS & GAMES'

- Tap the magnifying glass to bring up the 'Search' page

- Type in 'trentside radio' and search for the Skill

- Select the Skill 'Trentside Radio' and tap 'LAUNCH'

- Trentside Radio will now be saved as an 'Alexa Skill'

- All you need to do to play Trentside Radio is tell Alexa to 'LAUNCH TRENTSIDE RADIO'!


- Open the internet search function on your mobile device

- Type in our website address -

- Once the website page opens, click on 'LISTEN LIVE'

- When the Music Player opens, click on the Play button:

- You should now be listening to Trentside Radio!

- Don't forget to save us as a 'shortcut'!