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This week's featured business is: BRIDGEPOINT BUSINESS SOLUTIONS LIMITED

Based in Gainsborough, Bridgepoint provide business support services to small and medium-sized companies and start-up businesses.

Bridgepoint specialise in a collaborative approach, working with you and your team to solve problems, improve business performance and develop commercial opportunities. Whether you are a start-up business looking for some help and advice, or an established operation requiring additional support, Bridgepoint can help.

The Company has expertise in Project Management, Business Planning, Performance Improvement and Business Development.  Bridgepoint are experienced in focusing on the things that will make your business successful:


  • Increasing profits

  • Driving out costs

  • Retaining and expanding the customer base


They take a "hands on" approach to any job that we do, working with you and your team to develop and implement solutions to your business issues.  This is the best way for the people running the business to take ownership of the issue and the solution.  Whilst Bridgepoint work in a collaborative way with you and your team, they also take full responsibility for what is done.  They are accountable to you for any deliverables resulting from their actions and recommendations.


If you would like to know more about how Bridgepoint can help your business, get in touch, by calling Gerald Buckle on 0785 6699500 or email him at

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